WINONA, Minn. — An honorary Doctorate of Science was presented to Dr. John Stegeman during the May 13 commencement ceremony at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.

Dr. Stegeman, a 1966 Saint Mary’s alumnus and an internationally respected leader in science, was honored for his many career accomplishments, particularly while serving as a senior scientist and director of the Center for Oceans and Human Health at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, Mass.—the world’s leading independent, non-profit organization dedicated to ocean research, exploration, and education.

After receiving his bachelor’s in biology from Saint Mary’s and his Ph.D. in biochemistry from Northwestern University in Illinois, he began working at Woods Hole in 1972, where he has built and sustained an exceptional scientific career spanning four and a half decades.

His work has centered on the structure, function, and regulation of genes and enzymes that metabolize drugs, chemicals, natural products and hormones. Dr. Stegeman’s research has included studies of carcinogenesis in fish in polluted environments, molecular biomarkers of chemical exposure in fish, birds, whales, and humans, and the mechanisms by which chemicals act to cause disease.

He has lectured at venues around the world, including twice at the United Nations; and he has written more than 300 publications and has 23,000 citations focused on the metabolism and the neurodevelopmental effects of chemicals, and the origin and evolution of the cytochrome P450 gene superfamily. Dr. Stegeman serves on editorial boards of numerous journals and has served on National Institutes of Health review panels, and on advisory boards of several environmental health sciences centers throughout the U.S. He has also served as chair of the Science Advisory Board of the National Toxicology Program, served on committees for the National Research Council, and served eight years on the Institute of Medicine’s Committee to Assess Health Effects of Agent Orange in Vietnam Veterans.

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