WINONA, Minn. — On Friday, May 12, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota launched the public phase of the $57 million “Discover Inspire Lead” capital campaign—the most ambitious and comprehensive campaign in the university’s history. The campaign launch, celebrated with nearly 200 honored benefactors and guests on the Winona Campus Friday, was preceded by the dedication of Saint Mary’s new Science and Learning Center, just one initiative addressed by the campaign.

“Through the generosity of our benefactors we are able to announce that of our $57 million goal, we have already raised an astonishing $49.5 million,” said Brother William Mann, president of Saint Mary’s. “Our vitality relies on the willingness of alumni and friends to partner with us in envisioning the best possible experiences for our students. We couldn’t have better partners for our journey. Together, through this campaign, we will significantly enhance programs and areas throughout our university that will have an important and meaningful impact on our deserving students.”

The fundraising campaign is divided into seven initiatives:


A total of $2 million will be used to enhance the development of athletic programs and facilities. Upgraded athletic and recreational facilities and equipment will be available to all students. As part of these funds, a $1.5 million multi-use stadium and matching amenities is planned. The facility—which will be located at the track and field/soccer complex—will include a seating area, press boxes, restrooms, meeting and gathering spaces, and VIP access areas.


Business and science are a natural pairing, which is why Saint Mary’s is creating an innovative new space in which these two disciplines can collaborate. Gifts totaling $10 million will help Saint Mary’s re-imagine and revitalize the Adducci Science Center’s Hoffman and Brother Charles Halls on its Winona Campus with unique rooms including:

  • A makerspace which fosters hands-on collaborative experimentation for students across disciplines (common items found in makerspaces include 3D printers, laser cutters, robotics components, and snorkel fume hoods).
  • A computational lab that allows for students to apply computational and numerical techniques to solve large and complex problems.
  • A marketing intelligence center, in which students can see and access commodities, stocks, bonds, and demographic data from throughout the world.
  • Innovative classrooms, a sales training center, a digital teaming space, and the Kabara Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies Suite.

First Generation Initiative

The First Generation Initiative was created to break down barriers to higher education by providing high-potential students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds with financial support and also academic support. These students, through the generosity of benefactors, receive full financial funding. In addition, they also receive enhanced student services because Saint Mary’s knows it isn’t just about access, it’s also about the support they receive in order to successfully achieve their dreams of obtaining a college degree.

Gifts totaling $15 million will help countless First Generation students at Saint Mary’s University turn their academic dreams into academic degrees. Scholarship support and a strong endowment fund will help the university reach out to more of these gifted young learners.

Lasallian Formation

The face of Saint Mary’s has changed through the years. Where many De La Salle Christian Brothers once filled the classrooms and offices, a much smaller number serve today. Saint Mary’s mission continues to grow and thrive as it is transmitted from vowed religious to lay partners. Lasallian education and formation opportunities at home and around the globe allow faculty, staff, and students to come together in thought, prayer and reflection, community, and study to exchange ideas and unify their work as part of the bigger Lasallian network. Gifts to an endowment of $500,000 would fund in perpetuity Lasallian training programs for students, faculty, and staff, deepening their understanding of the Lasallian charism and the work of the Brothers.


Saint Mary’s is in the process of increasing significantly the capacity of its science program and unleashing its full potential. The new Science and Learning Center on the Winona Campus, built to drive impressive outcomes, will give Saint Mary’s students an even greater career advantage. This $19.7 million facility has an architectural vision that reflects the natural beauty of the Winona Campus. The 50,000-square-foot contemporary science center is a focal point on the campus and will provide a platform for increased research opportunities.


Making education affordable and accessible is at the core of Saint Mary’s mission. Saint Mary’s believes every student has a right to an excellent education. Additionally scholarship support strengthens the university by allowing it to attract and retain the most promising students, enhancing the university experience for everyone by creating a robust and diverse academic atmosphere. Gifts in support of student scholarships will help countless students realize their academic dreams. Many of these students still believe that a university education is out of their reach.

Twin Cities expansion

Saint Mary’s Twin Cities adult learners may initially turn to Saint Mary’s because of its flexibility and convenience, but what starts as a transaction quickly becomes a transformation. Saint Mary’s anticipates making an investment of $4 to $6 million to convert the carriage house on the Twin Cities Campus in Minneapolis into classrooms and learning spaces to create a robust student community on our adult-learner campus. These spaces will be ideal for students to meet, study, socialize, interact with their instructors, and collaborate before and after classes.

“Gifts designated for our capital campaign will make an extraordinary impact on our students,” said Audrey Kintzi, vice president for Development and Alumni Relations at Saint Mary’s. “We invite others to join us in our campaign and watch the results of your donations at work, hear from the students who are benefiting, and literally change lives.”

To learn more about the Discover Inspire Lead campaign for Saint Mary’s University, visit

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