Reinvention is something that executive coach Chuck Bolton ’80 knows about firsthand, and it is the topic of his latest book.

In 2000, Bolton transitioned from a 20-year career as a senior executive at one of the world’s largest medical device companies to found The Bolton Group, LLC, an executive assessment and development firm. The shift required faith and confidence, but looking back, Bolton said it was a key development in his professional life that has led to countless opportunities.

“The Reinvented Leader,” Bolton’s new publication, focuses on helping executives transform how they lead in order to stay relevant and to create maximum value. The book will be available starting Feb. 25 as a digital download on Amazon.

“Most executives are ‘repeaters,’ believing what made them successful in the past will continue to do so,” Bolton said. “They’ve quit learning, and they miss opportunities and under perform. Eventually, they become marginalized and then extinct. Reinventors thrive on change and possess growth-centered mindsets.”

Saint Mary’s was impactful in Bolton’s growth and development. In fact, Bolton attributes much of his successes in life, including the release of this book, to his undergraduate experiences. At Saint Mary’s, Bolton received close personal attention, mentoring from faculty and coaches, as well as hands-on internship experiences.

“One of the things that I talk about in the book is coming up with a personal ‘most generous list,’” Bolton said. “Who were the people in your life who were most valuable in your development? For me, three of them were at Saint Mary’s. One of them was Brother Frank Walsh, FSC ’45, chair of the political science department and a strong, kind man. Another was Max Molock ’35, my baseball coach. He gave me a lot of time, and he was tough and fair. He pushed me and helped me grow as a man.

“The third person was the chair of the English department, Arthur Flodstrom ’64, Ph.D. He taught a course called ‘Senior Literature and Composition.’ It was a course that some people said was too much work, but I took it, and it helped me learn to write. If I hadn’t taken that course, I wouldn’t have been able to write books.”

In part, thanks to classes like Flodstrom’s and his well-rounded education at Saint Mary’s, Bolton delivered public speeches to thousands of people and has coached and mentored more than 1,000 individual clients through The Bolton Group. He published his first book, “Leadership Wipeout,” in 2006 and has co-authored several more since then.

A portion of the profits from the sale of “The Reinvented Leader” will be donated to Feed My Starving Children, a non-profit organization that sends food packs to malnourished children throughout the world.

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