With technology and education becoming more intertwined than ever, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota has announced the addition of a Master of Education in Learning Design and Technology program, offered both online and on campus.

Beginning this fall, the M.Ed. in Learning Design and Technology will help educators integrate content, technology and pedagogy. Graduates will be able to design instruction for individualized learning and go beyond theory to discover new ways to educate and inspire students.

“Our new Master of Education in Learning Design and Technology program will engage teachers in re-examining the world of learning in today’s technology-rich contexts,” said Rebecca Hopkins ‘94, M’00, dean of the Graduate School of Education. “Knowing how to use technology as a mind tool will inspire both you and your learners as you partner to co-create dynamic results.”

This master’s program was designed by a program development committee that identified the technological needs of current teachers. Comprised of administrators and educators from the K–12 area as well as higher education, the committee met with school district superintendents and other school leaders in order to gauge trends, needs and the evolving role of the teacher.

“This program was designed in collaboration with educators as well as leaders in the educational technology industry,” said Nancy Van Erp, program director. “The content and delivery were crafted for teachers who want to know more about integrating learning with technology in meaningful, creative and transformative ways.”

This program consists of 30 credits and typically takes no more than 20 months to complete. The online delivery method for this program includes an iPad with productivity apps and a mobile learning platform, along with ample technical and academic support. The online program also features Saint Mary’s hallmark person-centered and engaging community learning. For more information, visit the program page.

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