Loaneen Palmer-Carroll, an alumna of the M.Ed. program offered at the Catholic College of Mandeville in Jamaica, received the 2014 Jamaica Ministry of Education Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Teacher of the Year Award — naming her the top secondary school teacher of the island country.

PHOTO: Palmer-Carroll (center) poses with some of her students, holding their group award trophies


Palmer-Carroll M’14 was chosen from a pool of 80 candidates after presenting a lesson plan, speaking about her practice, showing student engagement and interviewing with a panel of five experts in education.

Sandra Hamilton, program coordinator for Saint Mary’s Mandeville M.Ed. program, lauded Palmer-Carroll for growing as an educator and as a person through her master’s degree program and for doing so while balancing her work and family commitments.

“During our two-year journey together,” Hamilton said, “Loaneen changed bit by bit, from shy to less shy, and from confident to more confident. While half the world was sleeping, Loaneen was wide awake writing papers, marking papers, feeding her baby and supporting her other three children and husband with love.”

After a recent visit to Palmer-Carroll’s classroom at DeCarteret High School in Mandeville, Hamilton came away impressed when the students described their art teacher as “awesome,” “caring” and “fantastic.”

“I saw students who were fully engaged,” Hamilton said. “They were drawing, questioning, designing and peer teaching. Students were marking each other’s work and giving helpful critiques. They voluntarily told me that they had the best teacher in the world.”

Several of Palmer-Carroll’s students also received awards this year. A group of artists who created jewelry from recycled materials placed second in the Best Group Projects category, and another student was awarded third place in the Best TVET Student category.

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