by Jakob Jehn, Cardinal Staff

Located in St. Edward’s Hall, four Living Learning Communities (LLCs) coexist. The goal of these communities is to bring together people of similar interests and allow them to live in a space where their interests in art, sports, being well in body and mind, and global religion can flourish and be influenced by the Lasallian tradition. These interests are fulfilled by activities coordinated by professors, the hall director and the resident assistants in charge of each LLC.

CAPTION: Dr. Joseph Tadie ’91 leads an evening discussion with a Living Learning Community.

Sydney Rudquist, a graphic design major, said, “I really enjoy my experience, and my favorite thing was when we made Halloween costumes. I liked everyone being there, and I felt like every member was at that activity.”

Michelle Cullen, the hall director of St. Edward’s Hall, helps coordinate the activities and attends them. “I really liked the ceramics day,” Michelle commented. “It was a good opportunity to utilize the ceramics room in basement of Joe’s that they have never been in before. It was a unique, out-of-class experience.”

Theatre major Jake Muzzarelli commented, “My experience has been very positive. It has allowed me to meet others who have similar interests, and I have really enjoyed seeing other art forms that I didn’t know much about.” Jake also explained how attending the improv group Second City earlier this year was his favorite activity because it gave him a “career goal.”

Darvell Jones had a similar response, and said “I’m really enjoying it. I really like how [the LLCs] are mixed together and living together.” Darvell’s favorite activity was the Caravan du Nord’s concert series featuring the bands Southwire, Night Moves, and local musician Mike Munson. “It was different, not what I expected, but a good experience as a whole.”

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