H3O jazz trio holds fundraiser for Misato student ambassadors

H3O jazz trio holds fundraiser for Misato student ambassadors

The father and sons jazz trio known as “H3O” will be featured at “Jammin’ at the Well” on Sunday, March 9, from 7 to 10 p.m. at Wellington’s Pub & Grill (1429 Service Drive). SMU assistant professor of music Eric Heukeshoven (piano) is joined by his two sons, Hans (’14) on drums, and Max on bass.

The H3O Trio began this successful fundraiser for the Winona Area Public Schools Misato Ambassadors program in 2013 when Max Heukeshoven traveled with the group to Winona’s sister city in Japan.

There is no cover charge for the event and rumor has it that several well-known jazz musicians will stop by to sit in with the trio.

For more information contact A. Eric Heukeshoven at 457-7292 or eheukesh@smumn.edu.

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  1. Bring your friends for some great jazz, great food and tips for the band go directly to the Winona-Misato cultural exchange trip. (Tip generously!)


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