Two undergraduates recently attended the Young Leaders Initiative at the 2014 Catholic Social Ministry Gathering in Washington D.C. Ena Moats and Emily Weber, along with Chris McClead, director of campus ministry, learned methods to bring social justice advocacy back to campus settings. The conference was focused on Pope Francis’s message of “A Church that is Poor and for the Poor.”

CAPTION: Sen. Michael Johanns, Ena Moats, Emily Weber and Chris McClead in Washington, D.C.

Catholics from across the country brought Catholic social principles to life as they went to meet with politicians. Our delegation met with Saint Mary’s alum, Sen. Michael Johanns, Rep. Tim Walz, and the offices of Sen. Al Franken and Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

They spoke about the need to increase minimum wage, a desire for comprehensive immigration reform, an increase in foreign aid especially in Syria, peace talks in Iran, and the establishment of a two-state system between Israel and Palestine.

The trip to Washington was supported by Student Senate, the Peace and Justice Club and the Office of Campus Ministry.

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