Tessa Scanlon recently wrapped up her senior season with the Saint Mary’s women’s soccer team. While balancing her academics and soccer career, Scanlon also tries to find time for another passion in her life — art. The Cologne, Minn. native is well-known by her teammates, coaches and friends for her creative talents.

Here are some questions and answers from Tessa.

How long have you been interested in art?

The moment I remember most clearly being specifically interested in art was in third grade. I had to write and illustrate an animal ABC book and I thought it was the best thing ever.

What media do you use? What are your specialties?

I use watercolor and spray paint the most, but I will use pretty much anything I have on hand. I’m a big fan of using mixed media. I think the most accurate way to describe my specialty is in the words of one of my friends when he said, “You’re a one-trick pony, Tessa. All you do is paint sad, introspective women. But you rock it.” I paint on cardboard almost exclusively because paper stresses me out. Normal paper is just so nice and I’m afraid to ruin it; whereas, with cardboard I’m not afraid of ruining it since I got it out of the garbage.

What are some of your biggest artistic accomplishments?

I really haven’t been involved in many art competitions, but I would probably have to say winning the Best in Show award in the Minnesota Lake Conference show for my 5-foot cardboard piece was my biggest accomplishment. It made me feel like a prize-winning beagle, but it was a pretty overwhelming feeling to be recognized for my art by someone a little more unbiased than my parents or friends.

What do you hope to do after you graduate from SMU?

My plan is to experience adventure. I really hope to become involved in a program  like Peace Corps where I think my boundaries and limits can be pushed and tested in positive ways.

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