When looking for an internship, junior Marta Aleszewicz sought a Winona company with an international presence to further her computer programming skills.

So when she was offered a position at Fastenal, North America’s largest fastener distributor and one of the world’s leading full-line industrial product suppliers, she accepted without hesitation. Aleszewicz said she knew she could gain great experience from a company with more than 2,600 locations around the world and a well-known and respected global reputation.

Aleszewicz — a computer science and mathematics major from Poland — began working for Fastenal in February 2013. That first semester, she worked 10 hours per week as a web front-end developer; over the past summer her hours were increased to 40 a week; and when her classes resumed this fall, she was able to reduce her hours back to a more manageable 15 hours per week.

Using Spring Framework, an open source application framework for the Java platform, Aleszewicz spends her days coding along with a small team of 10 front-end web developers.

One of her recent projects, she said, has been refining the shopping cart and checkout process, making the procedure more intuitive for the user and the website easier to use.

“My work at Fastenal enhances my problem-solving and programming skills,” she said. “I have learned a lot from the past few months: Spring Framework, JavaScript, web optimization techniques, web services and sql integration in applications, and basics of iOS. I also had a chance to practice Java language and design patterns that I knew from college classes.

“My team at Fastenal is enthusiastic and supportive and my experience with the company has been very positive.”

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