Dr. Mary Catherine Fox, professor of interdisciplinary studies, is being honored with the Distinguished Lasallian Educator Award by the Midwest District of the De La Salle Christian Brothers.

The award — presented Nov. 24 at the closing banquet of the Huether Lasallian Conference in New Orleans — honors educators who exemplify the ideals of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, patron of Christian teachers of youth. The award is sponsored by the Lasallian Region of North America, in the name of all Lasallians of the RELAN region.

At Saint Mary’s 2012 Founder’s Day convocation, Dr. Fox was the recipient of the Distinguished Lasallian Educator Award on behalf of the university. This year the Midwest District has chosen to honor her with its regional award. Dr. Fox has served Saint Mary’s University and the mission of Lasallian education for 24 years, as dean of the School of Business and Social Sciences, vice president for university relations, and as a member of the faculty since 2001.

Brother Larry Humphrey, associate vice president for mission, noted that the theme of this year’s Huether Conference, “Meaningful Instruction: Living Lasallian Pedagogy,” is “strikingly personified in the person of Dr. Mary Fox. She gives life to the term Lasallian pedagogy, and touches the hearts and minds of students in ways that matter for them today and forever.”

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