Scholarships to benefit Mexican or Mexican-descent college students

Scholarships to benefit Mexican or Mexican-descent college students


Providing access to a college education is a core value of Saint Mary’s University. Last Wednesday, Alberto Fierro Garza, the Consul of Mexico in Saint Paul, presented grants from the Institute for Mexicans Abroad Fellowship Program to colleges and universities in Minnesota for assistance to Mexican or Mexican-American students. Saint Mary’s students will once again benefit from the awards. Passage of the national DREAM Act played a key role in bringing these awards to Minnesota by helping to build a strong case that Minnesota is at the forefront for offering broad access to higher education.

Shown at the award ceremony are Cinthya Cazares, freshman Saint Mary’s FGI Scholar; Alberto Fierro Garza, consul of Mexico; Dr. Jane Anderson, director of SMU’s first-generation programs; Dr. Steven Rosenstone, chancellor of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities; and Nicxie Mazon, SMU senior. Nicxie and Cinthya will both receive IME scholarships.

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