Criterion committee co-chairs for our reaccreditation process participated in a one-day training retreat with the Reaccreditation Steering Committee last Monday on the Winona campus. The day included sessions on the Criteria for Accreditation, the general timeline for the Open Pathway process, managing a committee, and using technology to support committee work. The group also began planning for the upcoming meeting of all criterion committees in Red Wing on Jan. 9, kicking off the Assurance portion of the reaccreditation process.

The Quality Initiative Working Group submitted the first draft of its proposal to reaccreditation leadership in early October and is now undertaking a revision process. The Quality Initiative (QI) is a required part of the Open Pathway and is focused on institutional improvement. SMU has chosen the Centers for Excellence in Learning and Teaching as the focus for the QI. The university plans to submit the Quality Initiative Proposal to the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) in late October or early November.

The reaccreditation website is now available at and provides the university community with general information about reaccreditation, HLC and SMU’s process for seeking reaccreditation. The website also houses committee workspaces and links to a database that provides documentation supporting committee work. The Reaccreditation Steering Committee invites the university community to access the site for updates throughout the process.

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