To truly connect with each other, people must understand not only what others think but also how others think.

With a demand for leaders in healthcare and human services – the fastest-growing U.S. employment area, Saint Mary’s University has added a B.S. in Psychology to its program offerings in the Twin Cities.

“In the program, students will gain keen insight into human behavior and psychological processes,” said Merri Moody, Dean of the Graduate School of Health and Human Services at Saint Mary’s University and its Schools of Graduate and Professional Programs, based in Minneapolis. “Graduates will be prepared for careers in mental health, human services, and many other high-demand fields. Graduates will also be poised to continue onto graduate studies, such as M.A. in Counseling and Psychological Services, M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy or eventually the Doctorate of Psychology at Saint Mary’s or elsewhere.

This new Twin Cities B.S. in Psychology program is a bachelor’s completion program in which individuals transfer credits from previous post-secondary education. Saint Mary’s offers a similar bachelor’s completion program in Rochester at the RCTC Heintz Center. Saint Mary’s is a leader in the field of psychology and has long offered advanced degrees in counseling and marriage and family therapy. SMU is also home to a stellar residential Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program on its Winona undergraduate campus.

To inquire about psychology programs with Saint Mary’s University, email, or call 612-728-5100 or toll free 866-437-2788.

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