Fall dedications honor Brothers

Fall dedications honor Brothers


Maria Glenski does a reading for the dedication ceremony.

Maria Glenski does a reading for the dedication ceremony at the Brother James Miller bust.

The new De La Salle Christian Brothers statue on the Winona campus plaza was dedicated during a brief ceremony on Oct. 4.

CAPTION: Brother William greets benefactors of the De La Salle Christian Brothers statue, including Brian Thomas (class of 2013), Frances and Robert Skemp, and Jan and Bernie Wagnild.

The statue honors the De La Salle Christian Brothers’ 80 years of service to Saint Mary’s. Benefactors of the project, Bernie and Jan Wagnild, Robert ’49 and Frances Perry CST ’51 Skemp, and the Class of 2013, were recognized.

A new bust of Brother James Miller ’66, for whom Residencia Santiago Miller is named, was dedicated Oct. 8 during an informal ceremony. The bust is located between the Residencia and Brother Leopold Hall. Brother James was doing “God’s work” of bringing education, faith and hope to marginalized Guatemalans when he was killed on Feb. 13, 1982. Four  gunmen shot Brother James as he was mending a wall outside the De La Salle Casa Indigena where he worked.

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