The Page stage welcomes the Griffin Theatre Company of Chicago back on Thursday, October 3 for a production of Stinky Cheese Man and other stupid tales.

Jack has a problem. He’s successfully grown an enormous beanstalk, scaled to the top, and stolen a golden harp and gold-laying goose from the sleeping giant. However, the giant has now awoken and Jack has scurried back down the beanstalk in the hopes of chopping it down before the giant can catch him. Jack could possibly even make a clean escape if only the Little Red Hen would quit harping on and on about all the lazy animals who refuse to help her with her wheat. He devises a method to keep the giant somewhat diverted, by offering to tell him stories. The stories are all based upon other classic fairy tales with some fairly “stupid” twists.

Over the last twenty-two years the Griffin Theatre Company of Chicago has provided a wide range of work including world and mid-west premieres of acclaimed scripts, critically lauded productions of Shakespeare and original adaptations of novels. Each year the main-stage offers 3 full-length productions and 1 children’s production. Many of the Griffin’s 100 plus productions have appeared on Chicago area critics “Best of the Year” lists.

Last seen on the Page stage with the moving “Letters Home” production in 2011, the Page Series is pleased to present them in an entirely different light this time around.

Visit Page Theatre for ticket information.

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