As soon as SuperSearch finished re-reading “The Great Gatsby,” SuperSearch moved onto self-improvement and implemented several enhancements. As of today, SuperSearch showcases an updated interface, notes feature, and login process as described below.

  • Updated Interface: The new SuperSearch interface is clean, simple, and primarily white, which enhances the visibility and therefore, usability of its many features.
  • Notes: SuperSearch users can write notes about resources and then save them to their accounts. See screenshot.
  • Other Resources: The upper menu includes an “Other Resources” link where SuperSearch users can find the short list of resources that are not included in SuperSearch.
  • Logins: Similar to other databases, SuperSearch users will be prompted to login immediately after executing a search or clicking on a link to SuperSearch. In the past, users were required to select the “Hello, Guest. Login for full access” link. See screenshot. This link no longer appears. Guest access is still available from SuperSearch links found on the library’s Databases A to Z page.

View these new features now in SuperSearch.

Have questions about SuperSearch’s enhancements? Contact Us.

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