S.O.U.L. – Serving Others United in Love – is an opportunity for students to learn, serve, reflect and get to know new places and people. There are two main purposes of S.O.U.L. First, to provide as many students as possible the opportunity to serve others and second, to help the SMU community connect with diverse communities throughout the country and the world while enriching the lives of all those involved.

Each S.O.U.L. trip is built on the cornerstones of faith, community, service and transformation.

  • Faith
    Each S.O.U.L. trip engages the spirits of all participants. Each day of a S.O.U.L. trip includes time for reflection, prayer and communication. S.O.U.L. invites each person to become aware of the presence of God within them.
  • Community
    S.O.U.L. trips attempt to build community in two ways. Community is built between all those on the S.O.U.L. trip who might not have known each other before the experience. Also, community is built between trip participants and people from the host site.
  • Service
    S.O.U.L. trips do not attempt to solve the world’s problems in a week, they simply provide students an opportunity to serve and equally as important, to become aware of social injustices. After participating in S.O.U.L. trips, many students feel they have received much more than they gave, though everyone involved benefits equally.
  • Transformation
    The challenges, experiences, and celebrations of a S.O.U.L. trip take the lessons learned in the classroom into the world’s needs. Through prayer, discernment and discussion, S.O.U.L. trips invite students to look at his or her purpose. Are we answering God’s call to serve others, if not, how might we transform or change?

The Office of Campus Ministry is excited to announce the addition of a new S.O.U.L. trip to India during the Christmas break this coming year. The trip will take place December 28th, 2013 to January 14th, 2014. On this S.O.U.L. trip participants will connect with a select number of Lasallian ministries in the Southern region of India to witness in a new way what it means to be Lasallian. It will be an opportunity to deepen our  understanding of human suffering experienced by the “poor” and the gospel call as Christians to respond with action.

Application deadline for the S.O.U.L. trip is September 13th, 2013.

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