You did it! Thanks to the leadership of Governor Dayton, the work of the Minnesota Legislature, and the efforts of Advocates for Minnesota Student Aid(AMSA), policymakers have committed to putting more money into higher education, including a $51 million increase in State Grant funding. That translates to a 16% increase in funding for this program, which is a key source of need-based aid for one in four college students. (For more details, see this recent article.) At Saint Mary’s, our average State Grant award will increase by almost $700 a year.

You really helped make a difference by speaking up for improving State Grant funding:

  • 80 students signed up for Day at the Capitol meetings;
  • more than 39 personal thank-you notes were written to legislators;
  • 253 students, faculty, alumni and parents have signed up for the AMSA network,
    allowing them to respond to its action alerts; and
  • overall, Minnesota legislators and the governor heard from the Saint Mary’s community
    at least 100 times this session about the importance of the State Grant program.

Thanks to everyone who spoke up for this much-needed new investment in our students and our future. To accomplish even more next year, we need to make sure everyone who is concerned about the affordability of higher education — whether they’re students, staff, alumni or parents — has a chance to join AMSA, a network managed by the Minnesota Private College Council. Can you invite at least one person to sign up?

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