Beth Rajdl, Colin Sheehan and Kyle Romanchuk were named the winners in the recent Kabara Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies Business Plan competition. In addition, this year’s contest had a “Rookie” division, and Jace Pater and Clare Siska submitted the winning plan in that division. A total of $1,500 in prize money was distributed.

The Kabara Institute aims to incite a passion for entrepreneurial spirit in students across the university, regardless of their major field of study. The institute’s goal is to provide opportunities for students to interact with entrepreneurs and experience entrepreneurship first-hand, and to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of the importance of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in our society.

In celebration of Entrepreneurship Week, the Kabara Institute sponsored a number of speakers this week. Look for more Kabara-sponsored events and student competitions during the next academic year.

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